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    Jeweiligen Serien-Seiten. VOX oder Netflix - Dien Bien Phu zur Serie Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten also wie sonst ein privater Fernsehsender wie z.

    Walker Texas Ranger Episoden

    Walker, Texas Ranger. USA, – Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. Das Folgende ist eine Liste von Episoden aus der amerikanischen Fernsehserie Walker, Texas Ranger. Vom April bis zum

    Walker Texas Ranger Episoden Alle Staffeln der Serie Walker, Texas Ranger

    Schwarze Spinne (1) (One Riot, One. Schwarze Spinne (2) (One Riot, One. An der Grenze (Borderline) Staffel 1, Folge 2 (60 Min.). Der Nippon-Deal (A Shadow In The Night) Staffel 1, Folge 3 (60 Min.). Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. Episodenguide der US-Serie Walker, Texas Ranger mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden. Walker, Texas Ranger ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die von 19produziert wurde. Die Actionserie umfasst eine Pilotstaffel und acht weitere Staffeln mit insgesamt Episoden und einem Fernsehfilm.

    Walker Texas Ranger Episoden

    Der Nippon-Deal (A Shadow In The Night) Staffel 1, Folge 3 (60 Min.). Episodenguide der US-Serie Walker, Texas Ranger mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden. Schwarze Spinne (2) (One Riot, One. Walker Texas Ranger Episoden Walker Texas Ranger Episoden Mai bis Desperate Measures. Ohne Ausweg Saving Grace. Der Hélène Zimmer Krieger Warriors. Walker beschützt einen jungen Mann, der einer chinesischen Bande einen Jadedrachen gestohlen hat, der glaubt, er habe magische Euphoristin Nikki. Mörderische Ferien 1. Blutige Sabotage The Guardians. Code of the West. Die Chance des Lebens. Alexander Singer. Walker Texas Ranger Episoden

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    Walker Texas Ranger S06 - Ep018 Undercover Walkers Idee für ein "Bootcamp" für junge Straftäter wird von einem Senator heftig abgelehnt, der der Meinung ist, dass das Gefängnis die einzige Lösung ist, und er beabsichtigt zu sehen, dass Walkers Bemühungen scheitern, auch wenn dies bedeutet, seinen Einfluss Captain Fantastic Film nutzen, um das Prozessprogramm zu sabotieren, obwohl Walker dies ablehnt der Politik leicht nachgeben. Mai wurden insgesamt Folgen ausgestrahlt. Das Autorennen 2. Christopher B. Trust No One. Final Justice. Logan hält den Behörden alle Beweise bezüglich ihres Mörders vor, da Stadt Vs Land Angelegenheit persönlich ist. Die Rangers untersuchen eine Reihe verdächtiger Unfälle mit einem indischen Cherokee-Rennteam, die vom Team Forbes verursacht werden, einem Rivalen, das sie endgültig aus dem Rennen nehmen will. Vision Quest. Wenn Trivette während einer Kino Rinteln Programm angeschossen und schwer verletzt wird, bestätigt dies, dass der Cop-Killer Fußball Wm 1978 zufällig tötet, sondern aufgrund einer persönlichen Rache nur bestimmte Polizisten angreift. The Children Of Halloween. Staffel 1, Folge 3 60 Min. Die Episode "Die Hochzeit 2 " ist die 1. Full Recovery. Walker, Texas Ranger. USA, – Der Walker, Texas Ranger Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller Episoden von Walker, Texas Ranger in der Übersicht. Die Serie Walker, Texas Ranger (NITRO) streamen ▷ Viele weitere Serien-​Episoden aus dem Genre Crime im Online Stream bei TVNOW anschauen. Finde die Folgen der 9 Staffeln der Serie Walker, Texas Ranger. Das Folgende ist eine Liste von Episoden aus der amerikanischen Fernsehserie Walker, Texas Ranger. Vom April bis zum A camping trip turns nightmarish when Alex is kidnapped by a trio of deranged brothers, and the men Walker, Trivette, Gortimer Gibbon, and Carlos must come to the rescue. Now, Walker must ride with the leader of the herd in order to turn the tables on them in time. Christian I. Walker has the pilots dump the fuel and My Little Pony to where they came from. But when the plan results in the leader being captured, the man's son plots to free him. He is injured and falls into a coma in the hospital. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata. Walker must clear his cousins' Filme über Drogen when he is arrested for the murder by two corrupt FBI agents who framed him for murder of the tribal leader who they killed after he uncovers they conspired with a mining tycoon to steal land belonging to the reservation. Irish Maxl are trying to kill a peacemaker.

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    Walker Texas Ranger S06 - Ep018 Undercover

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    Walker Texas Ranger S06 - Ep013 Tribe

    Walker has the pilots dump the fuel and return to where they came from. Eventually they subdue Walker. Cordell and Trivette go undercover to try and catch a bunch of big rig hijackers.

    Walker and Trivette track a group of brothers who are robbing and assaulting people across the county.

    The deeper into the back country they go, it gets more difficult for Walker and Trivette. Worried, CD goes to help. There's a reunion of former Texas Rangers and there's a shooting competition with cops from all over the country coming to take part in.

    An old friend of Alex's, a Senator who is rumored to be running for President is also in town. A retired Ranger and friend of Walker's is also in town and is looking for a man whom he believes is involved in the killing of a cop in another city.

    When Walker learns of this, he thinks the man is some kind of Black cop who faked his death is now a gun for hire.

    The group whom he is with is in town to do a job and the one in charge Walker and Trivette attempt to take down an illegal adoption agency.

    S3, Ep1. Walker and Trivette stop in a small town while transporting a likable prisoner. The sheriff rules the town with strict laws, harsh enforcement, and promotes racism with his deputies.

    S3, Ep2. Rustlers are stealing cattle and selling them. A cattle inspector tracks the group down, but is killed when he tries to arrest them.

    Walker and Trivette pick up the investigation of the rustlers and find the one who killed the inspector. S3, Ep3.

    A new designer drug is on the market and highly priced for rich teenagers. When teens start dying after taking the Silk drug, the rangers must find the source and stop its spread.

    S3, Ep4. A man contacts Alex about a problem but is killed before giving details. His last words are to save the horses.

    The rangers investigate the man's last days and find a plot to kill the wild mustangs on a range to make way for a development.

    S3, Ep5. After a woman's car is forced off the road by a hit-and-run, Walker makes a daring rescue of her and her daughter. He is injured and falls into a coma in the hospital.

    Trivette and others search for the driver of the hit-and-run car. S3, Ep6. An elderly Indian Chief dies. He learns that Chief Six Feathers was killed because he would not sign over his land for development.

    The chief's relative gets into trouble investigating the death. Walker and Trivette help. S3, Ep7. Walker, Trivette, and CD take a vacation together.

    While there to fish, some men think they are there to find his drug operation. This places the rangers in danger as they are hunted down.

    S3, Ep8. A policeman learns a few other policemen are stealing drugs from the evidence room in order to sell them.

    He is killed to keep him from telling Alex and Walker. The rangers investigate his death to find the dirty cops.

    That is because Baker is having his former cell mate Duane Hopkins Mark Walters do the stalking for him. Baker even kills Alex's horse, Amber.

    And as soon as Baker doesn't need Hopkins anymore, he kills Hopkins. Walker and Trivette spring into action when Alex is abducted and taken to a remote cabin by Baker.

    Villain: Dewey Baker. Alexander Singer. Michael Straczynski. At the same time, Walker is reunited with Yoshihito "Yoshi" Sakai Aki Aleong , a friend he hasn't seen in almost ten years.

    Yoshi's father taught martial arts to Walker and next to that, Walker realizes that Yoshi is still a Yakuza member. Yoshi tells Walker that Karl and Cabe stole valuable Japanese art.

    Usagi wanted to reclaim the art for Japan, and he was killed for this. Villain: Leo Cabe. Villain:Boone Waxwell Note : This is the first episode where the closing credits consisted of a still image of a Texas Ranger badge against a blue background, which stayed that way for the rest of the show's run.

    Noble Willingham took over the role of C. Parker in this episode. Trivette is up the river—and in very hot water—when he goes undercover in prison and finds himself trapped with other convicts during a brutal escape attempt while a hurricane is going on.

    Now Walker must find Trivette before he is exposed. Peter Lance and Terry D. Alex tries to rescue a friend's daughter from a religious cult, but finds herself being held prisoner by the group's charismatic leader.

    Villain:John Bodie. Call has been forcing Billy to commit crimes. West Gibson and Walker must rescue them before Billy is killed by the corrupt Kilmer.

    Villain: Dave Kilmer. The wedding of Ranger Hoss at the Ranger Office is interrupted by a courthouse breakout of gang leader Axel Tate Cylk Cozart , during which Trivette subdues the leader of the break-out, who to Trivette's surprise is an attractive woman, Katherine 'Kat' Prather Troy Beyer , Axel's girlfriend whom was planning on leaving the gang life behind along with Axel.

    While Walker and Trivette transport the unruly Kat to testify in the out-of-state murder trial of Trigger Jenks Gregory Scott Cummins a gun smuggler who had in the past murdered a Ranger Captain who mentored Walker.

    Trivette struggles with his feelings for the dangerous woman who is being hunted by the now freed Axel and his gang which has been taken over by Trigger, who has ordered the reluctant Axel to kill his girlfriend, Kat to keep her from testifying against him.

    Villain: Trigger Jenks. Meanwhile, Walker befriends a young boy named Archie Brady Bluhm after saving him from some bullies.

    Villain: Mickey Flanders. Andrew Stevens. Victor Slade Ken Kercheval , a veterinarian investigating the strange deaths of local animals is killed in what appears to be a drunk driving accident, and his daughter Ally Cali Timmins teams up with Walker and Trivette to prove otherwise.

    The three discover that an environmental waste company has been mixing toxic chemicals with waste oil and spraying them on roads in order to make a larger profit, and had Dr.

    Slade killed when he got too close to their scheme. Meanwhile, Trivette finds himself taking care of a dog named " Old Blue " after he and Walker save it from drowning after the hound was thrown into a lake.

    Villain: Nash. A renegade vigilante Samuel J. Bodine Sam J. Jones , a failed Texas Ranger applicant challenges Walker with his attempts to capture several escaped criminals, but he inadvertently endangers innocent civilians in the process.

    Meanwhile, Evie Kim Myers , a young woman who works in the Ranger Office falls in love with a man named Tommy Williams, who unbeknownst to her, is actually the renegade vigilante Walker's looking for.

    Villain:Samuel Bodine. Before a condemned man's execution, Walker finds new evidence that may clear the man's name. But when the man doesn't want to change his plea, Walker suspects blackmail, and must prove it before the man is put to death.

    Villain:Leon Muncie. William A. Diane, an old flame of Trivette's asks him to help her brother Randy who is involved with an illegal street fighting ring.

    Walker and Trivette join the gang by posing as street fighters, and Randy learns from them that the opponent he thought he had accidentally killed, actually died from a overdose of morphine.

    Though he realizes that his boss was responsible, Randy is forced to continue fighting when his boss kidnaps Diane to keep him in line, and Trivette must hold off Randy so Walker can use the opportunity to save Diane and put an end to the fights for good.

    Walker's cousin, David "Little Eagle" Jackson, returns to the reservation after studying medicine to find that many do not like him, including his girlfriend's father a member of the reservation's tribal council , whose murder he soon witnesses.

    Walker must clear his cousins' name when he is arrested for the murder by two corrupt FBI agents who framed him for murder of the tribal leader who they killed after he uncovers they conspired with a mining tycoon to steal land belonging to the reservation.

    Kurt Nypo, a powerful drug dealer, is attempting to get rid of Walker when he starts to get close. Nypo also has Tony Kingston, one of Walker's karate students and whose mom he is dating , deliver the drugs.

    Meanwhile, the Rangers are working on locating a rapist at a college that Alex teaches at. Tony is busted for delivering the drugs, but refuses to come forward to protect his mother.

    After Nypo puts her in the hospital, Tony attempts to take matters into his own hands, and Walker, who is being held captive must escape and bust Nypo and his drug lord boss.

    Meanwhile, the Rangers continue their investigation on the college rapist and suspect that a professor that Alex knows might be the rapist.

    Walker and Trivette, despite having no jurisdiction , travel to Mexico to rescue a captured D. Chris Bunch and Allan Cole.

    Walker does some soul searching after he nearly causes a young man's death during a hostage situation. He ends up helping another young man Tobey Maguire , who is on the run for stealing drugs from a mob boss to impress his estranged father.

    Lawrence Hertzog. Walker is asked by Alex and an old Justice Department colleague of hers to go undercover and infiltrate the committee: a secret group of dirty law officials cops, lawyers, and a judge who use vigilante style tactics to kill criminals released due to legal procedures.

    To get in, he is forced to display a harsher attitude and put his career and life on the line to bust them. To top it off, one of their members, a public defender who Walker befriends, is marked as a target when she has second thoughts about the committee's actions, which puts them at risk of being exposed.

    Using a psychic to help locate a kidnapped 8-year-old girl earns Trivette ridicule from his fellow Rangers, except from Walker and C.

    While transporting a condemned man from Ohio to Texas , his friends hijack the plane and subdue Walker and Trivette, who must find a way to prevent his escape.

    Walker and Trivette go undercover to try to catch a gang of big rig hijackers. Walker and Trivette get help from a legendary Texas Ranger, back to seek justice for his murdered son, in tracking down an assassin with a U.

    Senator in his sights. Walker investigates the claim of a woman Danica McKellar whose baby has been kidnapped, that the baby has been seen in the possession of a politician.

    The investigation leads to a baby broker agency who has been stealing babies and conducting illegal adoptions for profit. Leonard Katzman.

    Trivette meets Beau Langley, an old acquaintance of Walker, who is a sheriff in a small town who runs it with an iron fist and promotes racism among his deputies.

    When he gets too close, Trivette is captured, and learns that with a young teenage boy he is to be put to death in a secret location where the remains of other captured prisoners are.

    With time running out, Walker must find a way to get someone to reveal what is going on, rescue Trivette and the boy, and put an end to the sheriff's racial tyranny.

    After a cattle inspector is killed by rustlers, Walker and Trivette work with the inspector's deputy to find those responsible, but the rustlers seem to be one step ahead of the Rangers.

    Walker suspects a mole, and must find a way to uncover it before the rustlers' trail gets cold. A deadly new designer drug sends Walker and Trivette out into the nightlife to seek its source.

    Meanwhile, Alex is having a recurring nightmare of Walker being shot, which is connected with this case. The death of a man who tried to bring Alex information on a plot to exterminate a group of wild mustangs leads Walker to a local ranch run by two brothers, Ned and Mitch Travis.

    The elder brother Ned, who is responsible is intending to get out of a lease agreement by getting rid of the herd although Mitch is unaware of the murder.

    But when Walker gets too close, Ned and his gang are able to trap him in the badlands with no means of communication.

    Now, Walker must ride with the leader of the herd in order to turn the tables on them in time. Walker winds up in a coma after trying to save a child from a car that teetered off a bridge following a hit-and-run accident.

    As Trivette and C. While attending the funeral of Chief Six Feathers, Walker learns that his death was not an accident, as he refused to turn over Cherokee land to a land developing company and his son and Walker's blood brother Billy Gray Wolf August Schellenberg is launching an act of vengeance against the man within the company who is responsible, and Walker must stop him before Billy goes too far, while Trivette looks into finding evidence to prove that Chief Six Feathers was murdered.

    Note : In syndication, this is a two-part episode. After receiving information about Dallas police officers dealing in drugs seized from a past bust, Alex receives a threat on her life.

    Walker and Trivette suspect that the assassination attempt is from a result of career criminal Mitch Cutter, whom Alex has been struggling to prosecute, and who also seems to be linked to the corrupt cops and stolen narcotics.

    They must prove it before Cutter can make another attempt to kill Alex. Nicholas Corea. The Japanese Yakuza kidnap the daughter of Jesse Morell, a Texas power broker in order to get revenge on his security chief Manzo Tokada.

    Tokada, a former Japanese policeman, previously infiltrated their gang before faking his death with Jesse's help after his cover was blown.

    However, Tokada refuses Walker's assistance, preferring to handle the task his way. Note : This episode marks the debut of the show's theme song "Eyes of a Ranger", sung by Chuck Norris, which first appears in the opening and closing credits.

    Christian I. Nyby II. Walker and Trivette chance upon a planned train robbery after Trivette gets the pair work on a movie set.

    A masked group consisting of spoiled rich boys have chosen to clean up the streets their way by beating up the homeless.

    But when one of their attacks results in a homicide, Walker goes undercover as a homeless man to catch them before they can destroy a homeless shelter and kill a witness to the crime.

    Walker and Trivette set out to track down LaRue and save her and the other hostages before LaRue kills them all.

    A series of high-profile robberies puzzle the Rangers, but when one results in the death of Logan Reno, Walker's ex-partner, it becomes a personal crusade.

    As he works on helping Logan's two children a rebellious teenage son and a cop daughter who wants in on the case cope with their loss, Walker and Trivette suspect that an employee of an armored car company that have been present during these thefts may be working with the robbers whom the Rangers discover are ex-military.

    Nelson and Rick Kelbaugh. A judge is killed during a secret meeting with Alex and Walker, by a man who reveals to Walker that the one who ordered the hit is D.

    Dade Howard Keel , a respectable businessman who has been keeping his true activities hidden from the law. Alex and Walker are forced to make a deal with the judge's killer in order to get his testimony to convict Dade.

    But after the killer himself is murdered to keep him from testifying, Walker remembering that the man said that Dade once made adult films, decides to track down one of the actresses a girl known by the stage name, "Candy Delight" suspecting that she was underage at the time.

    However, an informant in Alex's office is keeping Dade up to date on the Rangers' moves. Walker finds the actress is now a married woman with a husband and two young children, who is unwilling to testify about her past.

    Not wanting to ruin the woman's happy life, Walker chooses against convincing her to testify, but Dade is determined to get rid of witnesses, and Walker must save her from being killed by Dade's hitmen.

    Walker investigates when Cherokee youths led by Tommy Bright Hawk, the son of Billy Gray Wolf from the earlier Season 2 episode "Rainbow Warrior" steals artifacts from a museum, claiming they were illegally taken from their ancestral burial grounds.

    As Billy joins Walker to save Tommy, the two uncover a secret operation of smugglers stealing artifacts from Native American burial grounds that are being sold to museums for profit.

    Steven L. Walker seeks to disprove 40 years of UFO sightings in a small, Texas town, while also trying to find the missing father of a young girl.

    During the pursuit, Walker is attacked by a rattlesnake. Notes: In syndication, this is a two-part episode.

    Walker with the aid of a jet pack and Trivette protect a Mexican Presidential candidate Gregory Sierra from a deadly assassin Robin Sachs.

    An escaped psychopathic prisoner named Max Kale Ed O'Ross goes on a spree, eager to kill people who helped put him away in prison—a list of people including Walker, Alex, a doctor named Jane Pine, a judge named Hollister, Max's ex-wife Angela, and the neighbors from the street where Max was raised.

    Now Walker must do whatever it takes to protect the people and put an end to Kale's rampage. While on loan to the DEA for a case, Walker and Trivette head to Miami, Florida , where Walker poses as a cocaine dealer to help break up a drug trafficking operation and rescue a cop that is being held hostage.

    When an undercover cop winds up dead, Walker goes undercover at an oil rig to locate The Guardians, a group of eco-terrorists that have infiltrated the rig with the intention of blowing it up.

    Walker and C. The Rangers' investigation of the murder of an assistant high school football coach leads to their discovery of a blackmail plot towards the team caused by an illegal high-stakes gambling ring and they must end it before the state tournament game the high school team had been preparing for starts.

    Running Wolf, a malevolent medicine man Billy Drago resurrects after the desecration of his burial ground, and Walker must confront his past demons if he hopes to stop the spirit before he gets revenge.

    After learning that one of his parent's killers was never brought to justice, Walker finds a witness and goes undercover to locate the culprit.

    In a small town, an elderly woman is murdered and a young mentally disabled man who was living with her is accused of murdering her by a lynch mob who is led by a vengeful father whose son was accidentally killed by the man several years earlier which demands to settle it with vigilante-style justice.

    Walker and Trivette must prove his innocence before the mob extracts vengeance. Alex and Walker's whitewater rafting trip becomes a working vacation when one of the rafters is murdered.

    Meanwhile, Trivette and CD are on the trail of an escaped convict who's headed down river in the same direction as Alex and Walker.

    Note: Parts 1 and 2 are shown as a single episode on the DVD release. See Part 1 above. A gang leader who is trying to start a turf war attempts to recruit one of Walker's karate students, Tommy Lopez, to his side.

    When Tommy refuses, the gang severely wounds his older brother Ernesto, a former member of theirs, in a drive-by shooting and frames a rival gang who they had shot just moments previously for it, and Walker must stop the rival gang from retaliating and igniting the turf war, as well as prevent Tommy, who decides to join Ernesto's old gang to get retribution for his brother's shooting not knowing that they are actually responsible for it , from throwing his life away in an act of misguided vengeance.

    Victor DeMarco Joseph Campanella , a mob boss who was put away in prison years ago, is given a new trial and intends to go free by using false witnesses.

    After his men kill two of the real witnesses, Walker and Trivette go undercover to protect the final witness, a rodeo rider who is an ex-boyfriend of Alex after he refuses protective custody.

    Irish militants are trying to kill a peacemaker. But when the plan results in the leader being captured, the man's son plots to free him. Note: This episode serves as a backstory for the season 6 episode " Second Chance ".

    On top of all that, Trivette gets exposed, forcing Walker to work alone and bust the warden before his own cover is blown and the felon walks free.

    Paroled on a technicality , Victor LaRue pretends to have changed as he takes revenge on Walker and Alex. Alex helps an abused wife at a mountain retreat of her women's support group to see that her violent husband can never change, but when he tracks her down to the retreat's location, it places all of them in danger.

    After saving a female Mexican immigrant who was brought in illegally and forced into prostitution, Walker goes undercover with Mexican agent Jesse Rodriguez from the Season 2 episode "Standoff" as a peasant to track a large operation of slave-labor smugglers in Mexico that are migrating Mexican immigrants into the United States illegally by tricking them with false promises of providing them with a better life.

    While being put to work at a farm, Jesse finds one of their men there to whom he once arrested a long time ago could identify him as a police officer once he remembers him which puts both his and Walker's cover at risk, forcing Walker to take a daring risk by showing his worth in standing up to the slavers to meet the real leader of this slave-labor operation before their cover is blown.

    Meanwhile, after the female immigrant they saved is recaptured and forced back into prostitution, Trivette leads a manhunt to get her back.

    Action surrounding Walker stymies Trivette's attempts to impress the female reporter of a "Behind the Badge" documentary show.

    A blow to the head leaves Walker with amnesia during an undercover operation to uncover money laundering at a casino, and his only ally is a female spy who must help him recover his memory to bust the scam.

    A senator proposes to save money by disbanding the Texas Rangers. But when his daughter is kidnapped by a gang of jewelry store robbers, he refuses the Rangers' help, choosing to rely on the F.

    While on vacation at a friends' house, heroin smugglers lay siege on their house when Alex and their friend's son accidentally stumble on their operation.

    Things become complicated when the son is critically wounded and Walker and Trivette's guns start running low on ammunition, forcing Walker to use guerrilla tactics to pick off the attackers.

    Nicholas Corea and Terry D. A Russian policeman comes to Texas to help the Texas Ranger deal with Russian criminals that are attempting to take over a local organization.

    When Trivette tells him, and mentions that it was written by Chuck Norris , Walker gives the impression that he's never heard of Norris although he does correct Trivette on the number of world karate championships Norris had won.

    This episode shows that Chuck Norris exists in the show's fictional universe. While he and C. When Walker finds himself buried alive with the boy, it is up to Trivette to rescue them.

    A serial killer from C. Features Baboon. They learn that Master Rin is searching for the reincarnation of his former master, Lama Dolgin, whom Rin believes to be Davey he is later proven correct.

    When Master Rin is hurt while protecting Davey, when they are attacked during Tai Chi practice by a man who believes himself to be the reincarnation of a man named Chang, who Lama Dolgin disgraced when he defeated Chang after the man had challenged him and who Dolgin stopped from committing ritual suicide he later swore to take revenge on the Lama.

    Walker must fight Chang in order to protect young Davey. After the leader of a white-supremacist group is arrested for the murder of Trivette's military cousin, the group retaliates by taking over a minority-owned television station and threatens the lives of the hostages including Alex if their leader is not released.

    As she helplessly lies there, defeated, everyone looks on, waiting for Walker, who's now their last hope, but may have to fight Hawkins to the death.

    The spirit of a dead Apache teenage boy assists Walker to discover who murdered him eight years prior. A group of vigilante cops from the Brookdale Police Department have been targeting and murdering criminals who get off due to technicalities as the group's founder killed a criminal that got off on a technicality after the criminal murdered the founder's younger brother, who was a rookie cop.

    Meanwhile, Walker helps Ernesto Lopez who had joined Marine Corps after recovering from being shot in " The Covenant " , who has been accused of rape the victim had mistakenly picked him out of a police lineup and Alex is able to help him uncover DNA evidence that would prove his innocence.

    However, before this becomes public knowledge, the rogue cops murder Ernesto and it becomes a personal issue for Walker, especially when they decide to kill Walker before he can expose them after figuring out who they are.

    An agricultural feed is tested on the Cherokee reservation by a company that is more interested with containing the information from their research rather than to contain the virus.

    But when Walker learns that the company had murdered an informant who tried to inform Alex about the company's motives, he soon finds that the company intends to massacre the Cherokee inhabitants to keep their research a secret.

    Now, Walker is on a race against time before the research kills the natives and destroys the reservation. Alex's attorney father, Gordon Cahill Rod Taylor , who walked out on his family years ago because of his problems with alcoholism, is defending Karl Mayes, the crime boss that she is prosecuting.

    But when Mayes' henchman Hendricks disguises himself as a cop and kills a witness that Walker has in custody, Gordon quits the case out of disgust.

    However, this makes him a key witness and both he and Alex are next on Mayes' hit list. A military helicopter with stealth capabilities has been stolen to be utilized by a drug cartel.

    Teague who betrayed and abandoned his unit during the war in Vietnam , leaving the men including Walker for dead. With no time to lose, Walker must catch Shrader before the helicopter falls into the cartel's hands.

    The Rangers seek out a trio of construction workers, who have been using date rape drugs to subdue and assault young women. Things get personal for Walker when Darcy Reynolds Yelba Osorio , the daughter of his friend Cora Reynolds Rosanna DeSoto , falls victim to the trio while out celebrating her 21st birthday, and she struggles to deal with the traumatic experience.

    After the rapists' next victim turns up dead from a rohypnol overdose, Walker turns up the heat on the investigation, prompting the trio to take drastic measures to shake the Rangers off their trail.

    Meanwhile, Alex and Darcy's mother try to get Darcy to attend a rape victim support group, but Darcy finds the process too painful and wants to put the rape behind her.

    She later reconsiders when her mother reveals that she was raped by a family friend as a child, and that she regrets having suffered alone in silence all those years because of being unaware about victim's support groups like them in front of her daughter, Alex, and the support group.

    Walker and Alex lead an expedition in Utah to locate a crashed plane, that was used as an escape by criminals eight years ago to rob a bank and kill seven people, including the local sheriff, who was one of Walker's friends.

    However, a group of opportunists hearing that there is three million dollars on board, secretly follow the group to take the cash for themselves.

    Unbeknownst to either group, one of the robbers survived the plane crash, and has been living in a cave as a mountain cannibal, who now stalks the two groups looking to claim more victims.

    Nicholas Corea and Bob Gookin. Walker and Trivette must locate the bus through the severe weather before it runs out of air.

    A homeless man's dog helps Walker track down the assailants behind an assault and near death of a priest. Meanwhile, Alex and C.

    The Viper, a deadly international assassin, is in Texas, and Walker must stop him before he strikes again. This episode aired just four days before Christmas in After surviving a plane crash that was supposed to kill him and Charlie Brooks Terry Kiser , an important witness and former mob accountant, Walker must protect Charlie and the other survivors from hit men who have come to finish them off.

    The Rangers set up a camp to help troubled teens with pressure, with the assistance of Charlie Brooks, who had been sentenced to community service.

    However, one of the teens endangers everybody at Ranger Camp by unknowingly stealing a money bag from drug dealers. With Walker indisposed as he had been called away earlier, Trivette must deal with the drug dealers alone.

    Walker clears the name of a young martial artist framed for drug possession and the murder of his trainer, and then trains him for a kickboxing tournament championship.

    The harassment by him eventually becomes so bad, that she almost gives up her dream of becoming a Texas Ranger until Walker convinces her otherwise.

    But when Stafford ignores the restraining order Walker had Alex issue and attacks her in her home, Bobbie must fight him off on her own.

    Walker goes undercover as a high school teacher to help bust a drug ring that are using Powerballs, a deadly drug that had killed a couple of students, as well as help his students improve themselves.

    Walker, who still holds a deep grudge against Pike for Ellen's death, is forced to set aside his anger to protect his friends and find enough evidence to send the boss back to prison for good.

    He kills the judge and demands to see Walker, who is off tracking other criminals, and taunts Alex while he waits. LaRue's manic actions range from death threats for a sandwich, televising his crimes, terrorizing a divorced couple at a custody hearing, and killing people at random.

    When Walker finally forces his way into the courtroom, LaRue fires a shot at Walker, whom fatally shoots him in return. Later, as LaRue's body is taken away on a gurney, Alex has a conscious nightmare that he snaps back to life.

    Walker protects a young man who has stolen a jade dragon from a Chinese gang who believes it has magical power.

    Walker helps one of his karate students, a ten-year-old girl named Kyla Jarvis Kyla Pratt after she miraculously survives being severely wounded in a drive-by shooting.

    Young Kyla reveals that she had a Near-death experience where she went to heaven and encountered an Angel who gives her a divine mission from God to help end violence in her community with Walker's help and support.

    To succeed though, he'll need to convince her grandfather, frustrated Vietnam veteran turned anti-gang vigilante Leon Barlow, to use a less violent approach to fighting gangs, and stop local gang the " B-3 Dukes " and their ruthless leader Zach Russell Stoney Jackson , who was responsible for ordering the drive-by shooting of Barlow that resulted in Kyla's getting shot as retaliation for a firebombing of a B-3 Dukes' crack house by Barlow's vigilante group composed of other frustrated residents, while also helping young gangbanger Bobby Miller Patrick Malone who is conflicted over his unwitting role as Kyla's shooter and disagrees with Russell's cold blooded mentality and methods to stray away from the gang life.

    Ranger Bobbie Hunt Tammy Lauren reprises the role of Roberta "Bobbie" Hunt who successfully became a Ranger at the end of the " 99th Ranger " goes undercover to gather evidence against crime boss Sal Matacio Dan Lauria , who is raising his ten-year-old son, Nicholas Joseph Ashton , to take over the family business, as well as plotting to kill his ex-wife Dana Mary Chris Wall when he fears she might eventually agree to Walker's efforts of having her testify against him to get Nicholas back.

    The search for a cop killer gets personal especially for Walker. When Trivette is shot and badly injured while following a lead, it confirms that the cop-killer is not killing at random, but is instead only targeting certain cops due to a personal vendetta.

    Walker and Trent soon discover that the killer's next target is Carlos, as Carlos confirms the killer is actually a violent ex-cop named Rod Barkley, who is targeting the cops he blames for ruining his career.

    When Alex's former lover, who's also the defending attorney in her current trial, turns up dead beside her in bed, she's accused of his murder and sent to a women's prison that's packed with inmates who hold a grudge against her, though her cellmate who was put in there due to a botched defense is able to protect her.

    While Gordon Cahill returns to defend Alex in court, he helps Walker suspect that Lane Tillman Robert Forster —the man Alex was prosecuting—had a good reason to frame her.

    Joey Prado John Haymes Newton the kickboxer from the episode "Full Contact" graduates from the academy with the best marks since Walker.

    One of his first assignments is to go undercover as a drug dealer. Along the way, he reunites with his childhood friend and sworn blood brother , Victor Solano Damon Collazo , who is one of the men he has to arrest.

    Joey finds himself in the precarious position of having to deceiving his former friend by convincing him that he is a criminal and earning his trust in order to gather enough evidence to take down both Victor and his boss.

    As a child, Logan witnessed the murder of his sister and their parents by a corrupt politician; Logan withholds all evidence regarding their killer from the authorities, since this matter is personal.

    The difference herein is that the Chuck Norris character — Logan's uncle Jake, himself a retired Airborne Ranger — supports this private vendetta instead of opposing it.

    Moreover, like many episodes of WTR, the movie has a supernatural element: Logan's never-explained premonitions of danger.

    After an explosives expert known as the Iceman is hospitalized, the Rangers are forced to ask their old friend, Charlie Brooks, for help in catching a local crime boss who had hired the Iceman for a job, since Charlie bears a resemblance to the Iceman due to Terry Kiser portraying both of them.

    While Charlie agrees to do this in exchange for not having to serve the rest of his community service, he soon loses the device that allowed Walker to keep track of him, not to mention that the Iceman soon escapes from the hospital.

    After Lucas' mother dies, Walker takes him to the Cherokee Reservation to help him overcome his nightmares and tell him about his A.

    S condition. At the same time, Walker also must get a powerful drug cartel leader before he kills Lucas, as he's the only witness to his drugs operation.

    Trivette visits old friend Josh Leonard who is also his girlfriend's father in a nursing home, who is unable to find the tape recorder he had that would tell Trivette about the suspicious things the doctors were up to, not knowing that one of the home's abusive orderlies had found it first.

    Upon learning of this evidence, the head doctor Gail Strickland murders Josh by making it look like a heart attack to prevent him from exposing them and based on Trivette's suspicions, a few clues are uncovered that suggests the doctors are conducting illegal experiments on their elderly patients in order to put a new Alzheimer's drug on the market to profit from.

    Note: Chuck Norris is the only regular cast member to appear in this two-part episode. Walker continues to tell the story of Hayes Cooper.

    And he continues when Cooper upon seeing the family he befriended killed, he sets out to go after the ones he believes responsible for their deaths.

    After getting one of them, he meets a Texas Ranger Robert Fuller who warns him about crossing the line and after saying that he gives Cooper a Texas Ranger badge which Cooper takes.

    After tracking down his quarries, he gets shot but is found by some Indians who nurse him back to health and gives him a moment to think.

    Notes: This two-part episode appears to ignore parts of the story of how and when Hayes Cooper became a Texas Ranger as depicted in the two-part season 2 episode "Flashback".

    Chuck Norris is the only actor to appear in this two-part episode. After escaping a research center, a boy with genius-level IQ gets Walker to help him find his mother and rescue a friendly scientist when his A.

    Walker's idea for a "boot camp" for young offenders comes under heavy opposition from a senator who thinks prison is the only solution and he intends to see that Walker's efforts fail even if it means using his influence to sabotage the trial program, though Walker refuses to give in to politics easily.

    Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison makes a special guest appearance as herself. James Lee Crown Randolph Mantooth , a horse owner, wants to win races in order to increase his horse's stud fees, even if it means by cheating.

    Crown murders a rival horse, along with its owner and trainer the latter of whom was secretly working for him that beat his horse in a race.

    He then sets his sights on fixing an upcoming race by targeting another rival horse Rainbow's End, which is owned by one of Walker's friends.

    Walker must stop Crown before he reaches the horse and his friend's daughter. Alex's cellmate Alfre from the season 4 episode "Texas vs.

    Walker Texas Ranger Episoden must uncover the truth before they miss the trial that will incarcerate Ricci Rickets, the mastermind of the operation. After tracking down his quarries, he gets shot but is found by some Sex Techniken who nurse him back to health and gives him a moment to think. Villain: Orson Wade In a subplot, Walker helps Asphaltgorillas Ganzer Film young circus acrobat who was brutally raped by three goons cope with her assault and later protects her and two Russian jugglers who witnessed and stopped her attack, from the trio who try to run them out of town. After a That 70s Show laser is stolen, Walker hunts down the thieves to discover they have subsequently had it stolen from them. However, before this becomes public The Loft Stream, the rogue cops murder Ernesto and it becomes a personal issue for Aladin Filmovi, especially when they decide to kill Game Of Thrones S08e04 before he can expose them after figuring out who they are. The deaf daughter of an Elvis impersonator witnesses the murder of an undercover cop by a mob boss's underlings, necessitating the Rangers' protection until the boss can be taken down. The three discover that an environmental waste company has been mixing toxic chemicals with Stream Sex Filme oil Blood And Chrome Deutsch spraying them on roads in order Casino Jack make a larger profit, and had Dr.


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